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Solar Carports

Zenith’s Solar Carports provide a sustainable charging point for Electric Vehicles.

Solar Carports

Zenith Solar Carport

Adjustable Pitched Roof

The Zenith Solar Carport has an electrically adjustable pitched roof system to help capture maximum sunlight and reduce blind-spots.

This is a Carport for the carbon conscious, creating a functional and sustainable charging point for Electric Vehicles.

With the pivotal roof system producing up to 30% more energy compared to other fixed photovoltaic structures.

Static Roof

Our static solar carport creates a striking base to highlight your commitment to sustainability. Compliment your EV with another green step, and cut down the cost of your electrical outgoing.

These unit are designed to be assembled in the most efficient time possible, without the need for heavy machinery.

Inbuilt Hybrid Technology

This fully integrated system ensures your car will still receive a charge even in a power outage, due to inbuilt energy storage solution.

It also provides hybrid charging capabilities ensuring as reliable charge is always available. The Zenith Solar Carport has been designed to be simply and practically installed, with minimal disruptions to an existing site.


The Zenith Solar Carport opens up options over conventional solar panel systems, with the ability of being able to be situated in a wide variety of positions to harness the optimum yield of the sun’s energy, as well as providing car cover and shade.

The Structure

Standard adjustable units are available in 5.74m x 4.89m, standard static units available in 5.5m x 4.74m, giving adequate room for 2 cars under cover to protect them from the elements.

With modular capability, the units can span across a wide area which makes them suitable for multi vehicle space.

The steel frameworks are available in a choice of over 40 RAL colours

Remote Monitoring

With the ability of remote control monitoring of the system, this ensures your carport system is optimised and fully functioning for maximum money saving.

Peace of mind is guaranteed wherever you are in your day.

High performance panels come with a 25-year guarantee, ensuring excellent harnessing of the sun’s energy throughout its entire use.

UK Government Grant Eligibility

Be sure to check your eligibility for up to 75% towards the cost of the installation of electric vehicle smart chargepoints:


In addition we manufacture bespoke structures in a variety of sizes, colours and designs.

Download a copy of our Solar Powered Carport brochure


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