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Secondary Schools and Academies

Zenith provides a range of practical, attractive school canopies and covered walkways to use all the year round regardless of the weather.

Secondary Schools and Academies


Secondary schools and Academies have been benefiting from Zenith’s canopy solutions for the last 11 years. For example in many schools we have found that existing cafeterias and dining rooms are no longer large enough to cater for the increasing number of pupils attending a school. As a result we have installed our canopy structures to cover extended dining areas. Often these are adjacent to an existing cafeteria where possible but quite often in previously unused playground areas.

Reduce congestion

Canopy Applications

The increase in popularity of outdoor snack areas covered by Zenith’s canopies reduces congestion in schools during break times especially in bad weather as the canopies can be used all the year round.

Other successful applications include canopies or walkways to link buildings often doubling up as an al fresco dining area.


Covered Canopy Walkways

As schools are extended with new buildings, often set apart from the original, Zenith’s range of covered canopy walkways are ideal to ease the problems of pupils transferring from one building to another, particularly in bad weather.

Other applications include entrance canopies and playground covers often installed adjacent to sports pitches and playing fields.

About our canopies

More about our Canopy Stuctures....

Zenith’s Canopy Structures are manufactured in galvanised steel and powdercoated in a variety of colours with tensile PVC fabrics also in a range of colours. All our canopies are available in standard modular sizes and can also be made to special order.

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LONGDEAN SCHOOL ACADEMY, Hemel Hempstead - Quote

we are absolutely delighted with the new glazing to the canopy. We have now installed heating, lighting and furniture so the students are now able to be fully protected all year round.

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