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Zenith Canopy Structures Limited: 0118 978 9072


Zenith provide a variety of accessories to enhance your canopies.

accessories to enhance your canopy


Enhance your Canopy

We provide a variety of accessories to enhance your canopies whether it be for soft PVC walls that are easily removable and can protect your pupils from the elements or roller shutters for added security our structures are very versatile.

Why not add high impact safety pads to protect your younger children from an unnecessary knock?

Add heating and lighting and you have multi-purpose units.


A selection of Accessories Available :-

  • Soft PVC sliding sidewalls in plain PVCd
  • Soft PVC sliding sidewalls with clear acrylic windows
  • Soft PVC sliding sidewalls with roll-up doorway
  • Roller shutters for added security
  • UPVC double glazing and doors
  • Plexiglass sides
  • High impact absorbent foam safety leg pads
  • Heating options
  • Lighting


In addition we manufacture bespoke structures in a variety of sizes, colours and designs.

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Why not visit our product gallery and view a selection of our Canopy Structures.

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